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I started this blog as a way to think out loud about realisations I make as I journey through my late twenties. As a medical doctor, I don’t often get a chance for uninterrupted reflection, but these are some of my favourite moments.

Back in 2010, my passion for writing burst through the rigid boundaries of my medical student lifestyle focused around biochemistry textbooks and pulled me to into writing literary essays, subsequently resulting in the creation of Ireland’s favourite secondary school website led by me and other former students in the 0.1% centile.

It took me a long time to confess this to myself, as it didn’t quite fit with the stethoscope and bleep, but I enjoy writing about philosophy.

I have discovered much about human nature with our cognitive quirks and paradoxical behavioural patterns through my writing. Some of these realisations seem scary, but they also appear to cross the minds of many in my generation. Rather than just brushing these off, it made sense to crystallise my thoughts here for anyone’s perusal.

Some facts about me

  • I live in Dublin, though I was born in Moscow
  • I am a medical doctor working in general internal medicine and in psychiatry
  • I did an M.Sc. Finance after the crash because I was curious
  • Once an academically-obsessed ENTP with an eclectic quilt for a CV, I’ve replaced academia with the much healthier philosophy
  • I’ve worked in a multinational management consulting firm, as an editor of a medical management publication and in health-related startups. Did I mention I was curious?
  • I am the founder of Ireland’s leading education website
  • I compulsively drink Ippodo tea and just generally like Japan
  • Someday, I will build a castle to house every stray cat

If you want to contact me, write to thinkingclearly2016 at gmail dot com. You can ask for advice, but it won’t be, or replace, medical advice. I sometimes put up anonymised letters with my remarks for others to comment on, a bit like Reddit, minus the abuse.

Nothing on this blog should be taken as medical advice.

metacognition awareness of thinking
Cherry blossoms on college grounds are another love of mine. Here’s a recipe for good thinking: sit under a cherry tree in Trinity near the rose garden, preferably when a young fox is rustling in the bushes. It works.