What does each MBTI type like in other people

MBTI quick and dirty cheat sheet

Warning: internet trash folklore ahead

At a work dinner last night, a lovely lady whom I mentally typed as an ESFJ confessed to being in love with getting flowers and elaborated on the joys of it at length… Just like I was told they did on some less than credible website. Coincidence?!

Albeit the Myers Briggs Type Indicator is quite unscientific and given way too much credence, it can be great fun. So I collected the in no way scientific (but hugely useful) internet-folklore findings on MBTI that resonated with me here.

How to make each MBTI type fall in love with you
Some classy pictures from Luttrelstown Castle, Dublin to lift the mood

How to know if they like you for each MBTI type:

ENTP: prove themselves by arguing and arrogance

ENTJ: criticise

ENFP: smile more than usual

ENFJ: try to be perfect in front of you

ESTP: get awkward

ESTJ: become very attentive and turn into great listeners

ESFP: make fools of themselves in an endearing way

ESFJ: brag

INTP: troll

INTJ: stalk

INFP: nobody really knows

INFJ: it’s a secret

ISTP: confront and act direct

ISTJ: make a lot of intense eye contact

ISFP: blush

ISFJ: throw little glance and smiles

What word do the MBTI types use to describe someone they like:

INTJ: Kind

INTP: Obliging

ENTJ: Charming

ENTP: Magnanimous

INFJ: Sweet

INFP: Compassionate

ENFJ: Giving

ENFP: Bubbly

ISTJ: Helpful

ISFJ: Sensitive

ESTJ: Helpful

ESFJ: Warm

ISTP: Unassuming

ISFP: Affectionate

ESTP: Welcoming

ESFP: Generous

What does each MBTI type like in other people

How to quickly understand each of the 16 MBTI types:

INTJ: logical, methodical, skeptical, intimidating

INTP: intellectual, calm, unaware of their surroundings

ENTP: analytical, charming, irresponsible, distractible

ENFP: warm, inspiring, disorganised, in need of constant approval

ENFJ: passionate, charismatic, manipulative

ENTJ: strong, authoritative, intense

ESTJ: responsible, hard-working, obsessive

ESFJ: bubbly, respectful, shallow

ESFP: flamboyant, brave, reckless

ESTP: confident, brave, crude

ISTJ: realistic, have high standards, stale

ISFJ: kind, conservative, obsessive

ISFP: considerate, artistic, self-pitying, manipulative

INFJ: patient, understanding, complicated

INFP: idealistic, sweet, emotional, in need of constant approval

Each MBTI type in a few words

My sources? An merged assortment from Tumblr and Pinterest, the cradle of modern science. (Seriously, the original posts are mostly gone, so I can’t even credit them properly). If you are the original author and wish to be credited, please let me know.


In the mood for some mind games? You can try it too.

The trick is to start with T vs F. That should be obvious.

Then move on to J or P: do they prefer certainty and clarity or do they like spontaneity and open options?

S vs N: are the down-to-earth, practical and pragmatic or do they prefer thinking about the future?

E vs I can be very hard, but it is probably the one that matters the least.


Let me know how this horoscope works out for you 😉

12 thoughts on “MBTI quick and dirty cheat sheet”

  1. when I took the M-B (ENTJ), I was struck by the fact that I was a flaming M-B extrovert, but that the other categories were near ties (one was a tie, having an even number of test items). I have read that people should also consider their personality preferences for those nearby variations, but with 3 of the 4 being near ties, I have a great many profiles to choose from … a cherry-pickers delight!


    1. Interesting. I’ve done the test a few times and I’ve come out as an ENTP lots of times. Once as an INTP recently. When I was in college, I was something else I think, some for of a TJ (I did it on paper, so I will get those notes down from the attic someday!) It’s very handy being slap bang in the middle – like you seem to be as it probably means you are quite adaptable to others!


  2. Thank you for the post… I question the scientific validity of mbti very often, yet find myself automatically typing any new person I become acquainted with..It’s a fad that’s as good as a mind game..But I must say, I can agree to whatever is given for my type (INFJ) here. Sometimes, the mbti works too well for it to be just a pseudo psychology.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When I take the MBTI test, I’m always ISTP or INTP. A few % difference on the S/N traits each time. I relate equally to the ISTP and INTP typical profiles. They say INFJs are rare but I know far too many. All of my friends are INFJs, except one.


  4. I’m pleased to see that eventually INTJ was at the top of the list (where we belong 😉). I have used this in team building sessions but find it quite frequently backfires. Instead of looking at someone’s unique combination, we tend to see polarities “I am an I and you are an E, no wonder we don’t get along”.

    BTW, I do find being a very strong I to be a challenge in this world. The rest of my combo happens to put me amongst men (as proven out when I took this in business school), so invariably I conclude that I am weird or something to be fixed. I much prefer StrengthsFinders of all of these profile type things. How’s that for a logical, pragmatic summary? I was a brave I to post a response 😊


    1. For sure, the polarity is emphasised. For me, however, it just reminds me that we’re more different than I sometimes care to remember and explains a lot in people’s behaviour. I will have a look at the StrengthFinder! MBTI is surely full of limitations. I love INTJs and I don’t think I’ve met very many female INTJs, so this is really cool!

      Liked by 1 person

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