Happy Halloween everyone

Happy Halloween everyone

I love eighties films. There is so much irreverence in them. At the same time, they seem so innocent compared to what’s filmed now. Maybe it’s just that I don’t fully grasp the context.

If you want a great laugh – and some Halloween costume ideas for next year, watch the wildly absurd, yet thoroughly entertaining Stone Cold*.

My personal Halloween favourite is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I think it is a masterpiece of storytelling: it is so incredibly well-timed.

Given that the house is full of Halloween-themed items, I have (re)invented a sport called Volleyballon. I highly recommend it.

I think the reason they have so many festivals around this time of year, in various cultures, is not only the seasonal availability of food, but also the fact that the evenings are getting longer. How are you spending yours?

Happy Halloween everyone.

*It was technically shot in the nineties, but it has the heart and soul of an eighties classic. If you find it as irresistible as I did, you have to also see Kung Fury (free to watch), a Kickstarter-funded parody for eighties films that captured a lot of their charm. What are your eighties favourites?

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween everyone”

  1. Halloween seems to be a celebration of common folk.
    Harvest has given us largess; it’s not quite winter; the mead and wine and beer are brewed and ready; the animals are slaughtered and prepared; the grains and gourdes and tubers are sequestered; life is good and we are ready for a little frivolity.
    We feel sturdy, comfortable becoming devils, specters, ghoul or demons and taunting death and the spirit world; haughty and confident.
    Compare this with springtime and the time of starvation. Spring is not a celebration of bounty and generosity. Spring is when you starved. Your winter stores are gone. And the land has not yet bloomed to unburden you of an empty belly.
    So, before we settle into the long, desolate winter, and the grim promise of spring, let us rejoice in plenty.


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