atheists vs agnostics

A little thought experiment

You’re about to open results of psychological tests comparing atheists and agnostics. What do you expect to find?

I wonder if agnostics are more conflict averse, better at abstract thinking and have a sense of humour.

Also, how do atheists who have children deal with the concept of Santa? Santa is a real world conspiracy theory – and possibly a much more pagan one than a Christian one. I imagine that there has to be a “herd immunity” for the concept of Santa to survive in creches and primary schools. Do religious parents arrive at the door step of atheists and be like, stop your child from spreading heresy!..

P.S. It is snowing in Ireland. I was in the Midlands today and it’s a Winter Wonderland.



13 thoughts on “A little thought experiment”

  1. I would agree with the conflict aversion, which I could see, but only as a result of not knowing, and therefore not dis-ing either side. With some atheists I encounter, they do seem to lack- or fail to express- higher levels of reasoning, which frankly can mildly irritate me. I thought by writing my thoughts regarding Christianity on my blog I would get challenging critiques, and I am vastly disappointed with what I ended up with.

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  2. All hail Saturnalia! The time of rebirth. Such a celebration of the closing of the old Sun and the awakening of a new one, I would think, would tend to put people in a cautious state. A charitable state. One marked by tolerance and forgiveness; for, who knows what the new year will bring and those you treat kindly today, despite their beliefs, may offer you succor in your time of need, or you, theirs, tomorrow.

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  3. Snark aside, stories and fables that are made up are how we teach children. We never tell them the truth. Some people stick closer to history/science and others are very far away. The key thing is to get the point of the story across. This has been the case since all humans were hunter-gatherers, apparently. Telling children a made up story, like those of the Bible, are absolutely true, especially stories that create significant fear in their lives that has no use (keeping them safe, etc.), should be considered child abuse.


  4. I called myself agnostic when I was too afraid to call myself an atheist. It was a transitional thing = half the journey into being a strict non-believer. It’s like a kid losing its mother and sucking a thumb. Religion is based on strict indoctrination from the early stage. The earlier stage the better. It would start from saying prayers before one’s sleep. Actually I ‘m not sure if children still say their prayers at the bed time. It seems so archaic. The indoctrination is very cruel. If you don’t say your prayers then you wouldn’t go to heaven and will go to hell where you would burn in eternal flames. Personally I was afraid of the concept of eternity and its boredom. I used to shiver when I stood in a que for my confession. I would say to priest that I had indecent thoughts but he was very inquisitive and asked if I could be more precise and then I wouldn’t answer because admitting that I thought about sex was too terrifying. Now that I’m full time atheist is so uplifting. When I was half way (agnostic) atheist I would still listen to carols at Christmas. I knew it was silly but listening to carols was bringing back nice memory of the happy times. But that was being crypto believer. I knew it was wrong and that being under cover Christian would sooner or later end up into being schizofrenic. I recently approached a young girl who was singing on youtube her religious song and she would say that she hopes that baby Jesus would look after me. But that is crazy. I thought that she thought that Jesus was reborn every year. But beleieng that is a bit crazy isn’t it. He was (supposedly=if he existed) crucified and he can’t be re-crucified every year. He is permanently in heaven now (isn’t he) and and supposedly he sits on the right side of his father (actually who was his father? Was it Joseph or was it the God? But if Jesus is the God himself as well then there is contradiction in that because he is the father of himself. And if he was crucified and was crucified as a God then there is possibity he might fake his suffering. It could all be some form of pretend. But I drifted far away from the main topic which was the trasition from agnostic to atheist. I don’t celebrate Christmas anymore. ( Yes I know that I lose so much fun) It’s similar to commerrcials Yes they do work. And it’s the same with any faith (But I don’t touch Islam as I don’t want to be stoned to death) So if you relive your religion every year you become automatically happy and that’s what it is all about. So one might say what is the point of losing it. There are a lot of not real Christians who don’t perhaps believe it but they do pretend because of a lot of reasons. Being religious gives you whole package of being happy. You have plenty of fun having First Communion with white dresses and nice gifts. And there is a Wedding with white dressed women and there is nice departure meaning the funeral. Jesus I know I lose a lot. So much fun and happiness which I deprive myself off. I’m fully blown out atheist and I lost the full package of happiness. But I don’t like commercials on TV and there is not much I can do about it. I can’t keep repeating that I believe in Jesus and I’m happy because of that. The transition from Agnostic to Atheist became firm reality. And I live in Australia and it is summer there now. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Dear believers I’m jelous of all the fun you have and know it was fun for me when I believed as well. But now being fully blown atheist there is not much I can do to reverse it. Unless I were Saint Paul who was riding a donkey in full sun in desert and got a heat stroke and because of that he became the very first Christian.


  5. The snow pic is lovely. One Christmas soon will be white. Our Christmas in the southern hemisphere is too strangely hot. Haha!

    We label the kids and their parents who say Santa isn’t real with “liar” on their foreheads and our little ones believe us. We, humans, believe what works for us, and what is warm and fuzzy. 😄🤗


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