21 thoughts on “Tuesday philosophy”

  1. Reality is what you want it to be. No need to consume oneself in the HOW but only in the WHERE and the WHAT, just make sure you have a WHY

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  2. Ever seen the musical/movie Paint your Wagon?
    “Where’m I goin’ I don’t know.
    When will I get there, I ain’t certain.
    All I know is I am on my way.”

    Some really great tunes in that film.

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      1. He uses double entendre to both please extremists and be able to fall back on pedantry. There’s no such thing as a gender pay gap and a gender pay gap is for justified reasons aren’t compatible statements.


  3. I find it comforting to step right back from a stressful situation and think, “This is not personal, it’s not your fault and you can’t fix it. You are just swept up in a mighty wave of social change.” That same wave sweeps us on to a certain path, right?

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