Roger Scruton on modern art

I came across this philosopher, Roger Scruton.

There are a number of things that scare me about him, not least his appetite for listing his awards on his landing page. The man who claims to be a philosopher has prioritised telling his visitors who has handed him medals and ribbons and when – over telling us what he believes. Oh well.

He has produced this interesting video on modern art. I believe that some of what is created today is art. Some of it is, in my view, so vacuous, and it is soul-destroying to see it being put on a pedestal.

Image: Tracey Emin, My Bed, 1998 via the Tate


9 thoughts on “Roger Scruton on modern art”

  1. Looking at his homepage, it seems to me that the title “Sir” went to his head – the colours and style of font illustrate this; I was first presented with a picture of his face, and then I scrolled down and caught glimpses of his medals and mentions of CV this and that… since at the top of the page it mentions he is both a writer and a philosopher it is indeed a shame that his inner musings aren’t at the forefront. His website’s tab icon ruins all of this.

    It’s like a book or DVD cover that just lists all the stars the title has been awarded, as if that’s why you should choose to indulge in it.

    As for the scruffy bed; to me it is a picture/image/arrangement that portrays how some live; had the image been painted in oils then I would consider it a piece of art.

    Perhaps I should now watch the video.

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