Besties and other blogging finds

Some bloggers I have enjoyed reading of late if you need recommendations 🙂 I love blogs about real people who share at least some unbridled emotion. Disclaimer: lots I haven’t mentioned…

Brian’s bloga man we affectionately call Pink’s blog, Bela’s blog, Stephen’s blog, Kenzie’s blog, Plectumm’s blog, with special thanks to a particularly tempered interlocutor.

Paul and Akira’s trials and tribulations: I have been reading George F.’s works for some time and lately he has upped the crazy dial resulting in some pretty captivating riffs.

Brand new blog about writing and a long standing oneKelsey’s blog about goals: Kelsey reached out to me about her blog where she explores goal-focused pursuits.

Lots more out there, please comment with your own faves, so that I can follow them.

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