Book releases

Where do you guys look for new book releases? Amazon’s new release section is very messy. Any recommendations? Thank you 💞

8 thoughts on “Book releases”

  1. Oy, what a nightmare eh? I seem to remember about a dozen bloggernaughts announcing 2018 reading lists. I’ll bet ya 5p to the pound that you could search here and find other’s reading lists.

    But you want the NEW (shiny, fresh book smell) books right? Nope, I only read the musty, dark corridor, back-o-the-library type books. Or, those that show up in my handy-dandy library app on my Kindle, Android, SpyPhone.


  2. Just finished one you would love — The Indigo Notebook.

    I don’t know how I find these. Well, I do, they show up in my CloudLibrary account, under YA award winners, but I don’t actually seek them out.
    Two others that were “right next” to that one up there, which were also worthy (may have mentioned these before…)
    The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly.
    Outrun the Moon.

    Seriously, I don’t go looking for this, ahem, specific main character type. I wade through dozens a month, read a few pages, nope, nope, nope. And since it’s so easy to grab and grimace these titles, I do. And just get sucked in, or did, by those three.


  3. As every year I travel from Australia to Poland and back I travel thru United Arab Emirates with Qatar Airways (they allow 30 kilos main luggage + 7 into the cabin =maybe it’s only 5 I’m not sure but who cares ) have my suitcase empty and on the way back I have my suitcase full of books. Somehow I prefer to read them in Polish which is my native tongue. I mean I buy Polish versions of the whole world literature. I just go to a bookshop in Warsaw and select the ones I like. Obviously I don’t only look at the content. The book cover can win me over sometimes. I sniff all of them = I like the smell. :))))
    Kind regards


  4. I attend the book launches here in Johannesburg and read my fellow authors’ books. I still go for the popular as well so I have Nicholas Sparks. Then, my old trusted reads: Danielle Steel and Paulo Coelho. I’m old and into romance and “self development”… don’t flinch. Lol! I got “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine” by Gail Honeyman after a work colleague told me what a great read it was. I have about twenty books to read right now. Sigh! So, in short, I don’t use any list out there. Word of mouth. 😃 So, what about Cinderella Reimagined by yours truly et al? 😉

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