Beauty vs nerdiness

A (very nice) beautician asked me today if my glasses were real. “They’re so cool though!”

Someone, please make a salon specialised in nerdy women.

I mean, the lads have this, so we should get something like that too.


Congrats to Dave Cline on publishing Blue Across the Sea.

Full story here

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Dr Martina Feyzrakhmanova

I am a hospital doctor and founder of an education platform. Avid reader and writer of introspective blogs.

4 thoughts on “Beauty vs nerdiness”

  1. I’m honored.

    Thanks Doc!

    (If you glanced at my photo, you’d see that I have a well coiffured top-knot, provided by my in-house stylist… so when I sit in the chair, I’m never asked, “how do I want it” — I have no choice. I get what I deserve!)

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