“What you seek you shall never find. 
For when the Gods made man, 
They kept immortality to themselves.
Fill your belly.
Day and night make merry.
Let Days be full of joy.
Love the child who holds your hand.
Let your wife delight in your embrace.
For these alone are the concerns of man.”

Why do they make us study Hamlet, with his thousand natural shocks, rather than the very reasonable Gilgamesh?

The above is excellent advice for most people I know.


17 thoughts on “Gilgamesh”

      1. Oh yeah? Formatting issues? The whole set of extra things you can add or not, get’s confusing, TOC, author’s page, Copyright, etc. If you need help…


  1. I love the ancient literature. It seems even more imaginative than even Startrek :-). One of my all time favorites, substantially later than Gilgmesh however, is Aristophanes’ Lysistrata

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