And Nike isn’t perfect

Finally, I mustered the courage to go for a run, the first time after the Christmas-New Year gluttony season. I launched myself off my behind and out the door, only to realise that my runners hurt my feet because they’re weathered and to retreat.

When I was younger, I loved jogging. The trouble is that urban running will turn to dust even the sturdiest knees, so I avoid it (except barefoot on the beach, but you couldn’t do that where I live).

I always worried about biomechanics and can vouch for Brooks Adrenalines, Brooks Ariel and Nike Lunar Glides.

As I only need these for the occasional run, I decided to go with the less extravagant Nike Lunars.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because design. They make it out like it is all so slick and cool (in some ways it is), but to order a pair of Nike shoes I had to:

  • launch a LiveChat from the purchase page as it was giving me gobbledygook error codes
  • the LiveChat person told me that I am on the Irish site, but LiveChat doesn’t service the Irish site, only the UK one, and I have to ring the Irish customer service
  • I rang the Irish customer service only to be told that well, who knows, just clear the cache and try again in an hour
  • the fact that this advice worked only emphasises the randomness of how Nike handle the process

Why was there a link to LiveChat from a page that isn’t services by LiveChat? (the URL contained ie, the Irish country domain)

Why does the UK LiveChat not deal with the Irish site?

Why is there no Irish LiveChat if there is an Irish call centre? (The guy who answered the phone sounded local).

Why does the website spew error codes that are remedied by, basically, giving it a kick?

Nike has such pristine design. Always has. Let’s be honest, I shop in Nike not just for the biomechanics, but for the clean feeling that their design brings. A bit like getting your teeth cleaned.

But this part of the user experience is more like falling into a barrel of tangled wires. I’m not annoyed, just a little disillusioned. Santa isn’t real –  and Nike isn’t perfect. A company that is so driven by image, they really have to get their online act together.

So that I can get that clean feeling again.