Murder on the Orient Express, 2017

For anyone who has seen the David Suchet version, it’s doomed to disappoint. 

I love Poirot. The ITV rendition with David Suchet is the classiest, coziest drama you will ever see. The only other TV series I enjoyed as much is Blackadder (and the Russian TV show What? Where? When?)

What about this latest film? 

Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot is straight out of Hollywood. He elegantly sabotages the villains with his cane, uses it to tear down locked doors, plays tricks with unloaded guns and insists that everyone straightens their ties all the time. It’s more of an ageing James Bond than Poirot. 

In terms of culture wars, Branagh’s Poirot used a the portrait of a long lost love for his ethical struggles rather than a religious relic. 

Michelle Pfifer as the victim’s grandmother was pretty awesome, to be fair. Just Dench didn’t really add anything, unfortunately.

For anyone who likes David Suchet’s performance, I don’t advise going to this. Not even to stare at Johnny Depp. 

5 thoughts on “Murder on the Orient Express, 2017”

  1. I’m afraid to watch it, given Hollywood’s penchant for subversive virtue signalling. I imagine the original ending being scraped, with Poirot doing a 5-minute monologue on the virtues of transgender bathrooms.

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  2. I was afraid of that! Thanks for the review……….I won’t waste my time.
    Have you seen the updated Blade Runner? I’m old enough to have seen the original….it is a bomb at the movie theaters…………but I will see it! Love the story…and recently read the book! Really good read!

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