Is it a man’s world?

Kitchens aren’t designed for men.
The average Irish man is 14 cm taller than the average Irish woman. The sinks are too low for them, the cupboards open straight in their faces – and who can get down low enough to see what is in the freezer compartment…

Clearly, it is men who build kitchens.

In very old buildings, men just built things without a 100 considerations. I would find it difficult to reach things from the top shelf in the GMB, for example. In other words, 100 years ago, kitchens were designed by men, for men. Not on purpose, of course.

Later, women became in charge of their household spending and builders started building for their target audience. He who pays the piper…

A strategic error and failure to consider n-order consequences.

9 thoughts on “Is it a man’s world?”

  1. Early autos all designed and made by men for men. Spacecraft, sailboats and rowboats and ships of every kind. One could possibly make the argument that everything designed to be used by men — originally — were exactly that, designed to be used by men.
    Kitchens…? not sure historically. But, 100 years ago, everybody was shorter… and the deltas between men and women may have been less.

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  2. I’ve never been able to satisfy the woman’s world/man’s world question. Dad used to say it is a woman’s world and it is our job to assist and offer them safe passage.
    If women are to own the world, I freely give my best wishes.
    If things don’t work out so well, I will take a few minutes to help get things back on track and turn it back over to the ‘owners’.
    The thing I love about the last 20 years of feminism is that the more a woman will take responsibility for, the less I have to.

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