11 thoughts on “Religion makes you live longer”

  1. So, this study in concert with the one which shows a negative correlation between religiosity and intelligence would mean that smarter you are the shorter you’ll live.

    I’ll be the warlock burned at the stake, dead at fifty-seven.

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  2. Did you read the comments? They are priceless! Just one example “Such a cruel world: those who believe in a Better Place take longer to get there.”

    I did not read the study nor do I plan to. One has to wonder how they determined how great the participation was in their religion (from an obit) and how great their belief was. Did someone just going for the social benefits but who did not believe at all benefit as much as those who did believe. If so, it would be a damning statement for belief (Unbelievers, get all of the benefits without the claptrap!). I would suggest that most believers automatically attached the supernatural to the “benefits.”

    Also correlation and causality are involved here, so the speculation regarding “Abstinence and stress-relieving practices could contribute to increased longevity” shows that no causal links were determined. Did they track “abstinence” (from what?)? Did they measure stress (worrying about the afterlife?)? Again, wild ass speculation based upon very little real information.

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