Not interested anymore

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There is a stereotype around here that American tourists love Ireland, love coming here and love learning all about Irish castles, beers and all that other stuff.

It seems that Irish stuff has lost a lot (almost half!) of its appeal, or maybe it’s not cool to have an interest in your ancestry anymore?

5 thoughts on “Not interested anymore”

  1. Like everything cultural, interest is cyclical. In the 40’s there was huge interest in classical furniture, by the mid 50’s contemporary became the thing. That lasted until the late 70’s when there was a classical revival (including in the political sense with the election of Thatcher and Reagan). That lasted until the late 90’s. The 2000’s saw classical fall hugely out of favour, especially so after the financial crisis… And I imagine the children growing up with this scandi look are going to reject it just as we rejected our parent’s tastes 🙂

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