App to find out what others think of you

Now there is an app to see what you’re down as on your contacts’ phones. So for example, I could be down as “Martina”, “Martina Niece”, “Martina Moscow” or “Martina Mater” – or something considerably more interesting.

In order to avail of this search, you don’t need to enable the app to access your calls, texts or contacts (which makes me question how genuine those “permissions” really are).

The app was developed for other purposes (identify missed calls etc), but finding out what others think of you is the reason it is being used.

If you’re not downloading it, you could at least rename your more questionable contacts.

Bored Elon Musk, nutritionist edition

My inner bored-Elon-Musk says:

we need an app that spits out the number of calories in food using the camera through optical recognition, like Facebook analyses faces.

Then we would all be fit and trim, right?…

P.S. My IG stories mostly consist of pictures of food 🙂