Best films lists

Christmas is the time to watch awesome films. One instinctively searches for the “best films ever made” lists. I was fascinated by the virtual irrelevance of the films on the Wikipedia page. IMDb has a much better listing, in my view.

Chinatown: what an amazing film.

Jack Nicholson looked entirely different when he was young. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who changed so much with time.

The ending broke my heart, so it’s not what you would call an uplifting Christmas film, but it’s so well made. A two hour film barely had any scenes that were in any way superfluous. It’s rare to see a film that has so much to offer as opposed to the current films that have deliberately protracted scenes of celebration or fighting near the end.

Don’t ask me how I ended up watching Daddy’s Home 2, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. This is 80% due to my low expectations and 20% due to a trace of honesty that managed to work its way into a Hollywood Christmas film.