Whenever I struggle to make a decision, I think of Seneca’s letters. In short, the message is, if you had a very short time to live, what would you do?

I have recently discovered another method.

Imagine you are an 85 year old you giving yourself advice. What would your 85 year old self tell your present self?

Written under the influence of geriatrics and Saint-Emilion.

15 thoughts on “Decisions”

      1. Martina If something is very complex then I have to make it simple as complexity really thritens me. It is a nature of universe that from chaos it tends to be organized and once it is organized it has to fall apart again to be chaos. I don’t really know what is the reason for that. If there is a God what is he/she busy with?


  1. I think my inner 85 yr old would suggest not letting fear hold me back quite so much and not want everything (including myself) to be so perfect. My 85 yr old is only 15 yrs older than me so we’re almost contemporaries. πŸ™‚


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