It’s that simple

A 60 year old woman told me today that she lost 10 kg (22 pounds) in the space of one month, without starving herself, etc. Her bloods even look better. Of course, she has a lot to lose (say 30-40 kg), but I just think it’s so amazing when people do actually do it.

I asked her what was the main cause she could identify – giving her a few a few options, such as changing what she eats, exercise, a life event?

And she said, “not overeating”.

And simple truth miscalled simplicity, indeed.

9 thoughts on “It’s that simple”

    1. To be fair, she did exercise, walk etc, but that was her main explanation – not overeating. I was a little taken aback by it. Imagine saying to her a month ago: “Mrs X, you need to lose weight. The best method is by stopping your overeating…” Unthinkable!

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  1. As an RN with a PhD in Nutrition, your 60 year old woman is absolutely correct. Over-eating and snacking, especially in the evening puts weight on fast. I would add a little exercise like walking to help with muscle and bone maintenance . Even not overeating alone and eating the right foods can take the weight of surprisingly quickly. No gimmicks needed. Thank you for posting this very important and simple way to lose weight, that anyone can do rather safely.


  2. It is amazing to see that it is theoretically so simple to take care of health, and yet we fail to do it. I know a couple of people who get back in shape just by saying no to snacking between meals. Pretty interesting post!


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