16 ways to be more mindfulness everyday

Happy May Day

Happy May Day all.

Here are a few reasons to love May:

  • It’s actually warm and the days are long
  • The first of May is a day of celebration – no matter the reason, everyone finds something to celebrate on 1st May. I wonder if we could extrapolate this attitude…
  • Exams usually end in May and freedom begins
  • The most memorable Bond girl/villain is called May Day
  • … 1,000 other reasons
  • (I am biased because my Birthday is in May)

I have made a little gift for everyone. A gift and a challenge. I find 30 day challenges a little scary, so this is a 16 day challenge!

A list of reminders drawing on mindfulness, Stoic philosophy and just general common sense urging us to be more present.

I hope you enjoy it. Print it out and see how you get on. I will report on how I got on on 16th May.

16 day mindfulness challenge

Published by

Dr Martina Feyzrakhmanova

I am a hospital doctor and founder of an education platform. The will to power refers mostly to power over yourself. Avid reader and writer of deep introspective blogs.

13 thoughts on “Happy May Day”

  1. Ah, now I know why the connection. 🙂 We’re both May babies. Happy birthday month to us! I hope you don’t mind me re-blogging. I would love to do the challenge. Thank you.

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  2. I wish you a happy birthday! And the things on your 16 day program are things I do often (mostly) and the wear the worst clothes you own is always a test (of whether one’s spouse can tolerate them … helps me cull the loser and enrich the local thrift shop patrons).

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  3. Reblogged this on I think, I say, I do and commented:
    I think that this challenge is just perfect for me. Thank you to Dr Martina for sharing this challenge she has for herself.

    Once done, by the time my birthday comes, I will have a better understanding of ME and my habits, my thoughts, my aspirations, and all that jazz… I think… I hope. 🙂 Well, at least I will be more mindful and that’s a good start.

    Do join us.

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  4. I love your 16-day challenge and it’s only the second one I have ever been tempted to accept. I am relaxed about public challenges for other people, but I SO prefer to set personal private challenges that have meaning in my life. So, what a surprise to see this delightful list, so varied and specific. I may do it … but may not tell you. Thanks Martina.

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